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trevor karn


i’m a mathematics phd student at the University of Minnesota advised by Vic Reiner. here is my cv.

my research interests are in algebraic combinatorics and applied topology

my pronouns are he/him


Topological learning in multiclass data sets (with Christopher Grifin and Benjamin Apple), accepted in Physical Review E (2024)

Equivariant Kazhdan-Lusztig theory of paving matroids (with George Nasr, Nicholas Proudfoot, and Lorenzo Vecchi), Algebraic Combinatorics Volume 6, issue 3 (2023) (code) (slides) (arXiv version)

Modeling a Hidden Dynamical System Using Energy Minimization and Kernel Density Estimates (with Steven Petrone and Christopher Griffin), Physical Review E 100 (2019)

Stirling numbers in braid matroid Kazhdan–Lusztig polynomials (with Max D. Wakefield), Advances in Applied Mathematics 103 (2019)


i have lectured the following classes at UMN:

i have t.a.’d the following classes at UMN:

open source development

i’m a fan of python. in particular, sagemath. since 2020 i have been contributing to sagemath. here are some things i’ve done in sagemath.

in summer 2021 i participated in the Google Summer of Code with sagemath. i did it again in 2022.


click here to see more about some of my talks.


click here to see some miscellaneous notes.

combinatorics seminar

i helped to organize the 2020 UMN student combinatorics seminar. here is the schedule of speakers that year.