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trevor karn


i’m a mathematics phd candidate at the University of Minnesota advised by Vic Reiner. here is my cv.

my research interests are in algebraic combinatorics and applied topology

my pronouns are he/him


Topological learning in multiclass data sets (with Christopher Grifin and Benjamin Apple), Physical Review E 109 (2024)

Equivariant Kazhdan-Lusztig theory of paving matroids (with George Nasr, Nicholas Proudfoot, and Lorenzo Vecchi), Algebraic Combinatorics Volume 6, issue 3 (2023) (code) (slides) (arXiv version)

Modeling a Hidden Dynamical System Using Energy Minimization and Kernel Density Estimates (with Steven Petrone and Christopher Griffin), Physical Review E 100 (2019)

Stirling numbers in braid matroid Kazhdan–Lusztig polynomials (with Max D. Wakefield), Advances in Applied Mathematics 103 (2019)


Superspace coinvariants and hyperplane arrangements (with Robert Angarone, Patricia Commins, Satoshi Murai, and Brendon Rhoades)

Ideals preserved by linear changes of coordinates in positive characteristic (with Bjørn Cattell-Ravdal, Erin Delargy, Akash Ganguly, Sean Guan, Michael Perlman, and Saisudharshan Sivakumar)


i have lectured the following classes at UMN:

i have t.a.’d the following classes at UMN:

open source development

i’m a fan of python. in particular, sagemath. since 2020 i have been contributing to sagemath. here are some things i’ve done in sagemath.

in summer 2021 i participated in the Google Summer of Code with sagemath. i did it again in 2022.


click here to see more about some of my talks.


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i am helping to organize the 2024 Minnesota Research Workshop in Algebra and Combinatorics (aka MRWAC, pronouced like the Pokemon). it is a research workshop to strengthen research connections between UMN graduate students, postdocs and alumni in combinatorics and algebra.

combinatorics seminar

i helped to organize the 2020 UMN student combinatorics seminar. here is the schedule of speakers that year.